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Professional security system installation

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical are the professionals you can trust when it comes to securing your home and business. We service the greater Brisbane region, including Redcliffe and the Sunshine Coast, and can install and repair business or home security systems.

Complete security installation and repairs

Alarms, CCTV, intercoms, security lighting and more.
Our Electricians have the knowledge and experience to install your home or business security system to ensure your assets stay safe.

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Security alarm installation

Our homes and businesses are our greatest financial assets, but unfortunately, we can’t be there 24 hours a day to protect these assets. Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical can install and service the full range of products in alarm systems, Brisbane. Whether you’re looking for small or large, domestic or commercial applications, we have your security systems covered.

  • Home: we install the full range of security systems for residential needs; from a simple, two detector system for a small unit or a comprehensive system, including security cameras, intercoms, alarm systems and security lighting, for the larger estates.
  • Business: professional security systems are vital to the protection of your business, particularly over weekends and holiday periods. We can install alarm systems, CCTV cameras, security lighting, security cameras and emergency lighting.
Security Cameras Brisbane
CCTV installation

What to look for in home security systems and security cameras

There’s a wide variety of options available in home security systems, and our experienced team is able to direct you to the most suitable system for your needs. However, no matter what system you choose, the end result should be the same: safety, security, peace of mind and the increased resale value of your property. Following are some tips to consider:

  • Safety check - before you start looking at systems, check your home for possible points of entry by intruders; for example, windows, doors, skylights, and manholes. Check for hiding places in the garden under heavy bushes or behind tiered landscaping.
  • Wireless or hardwired - hardwired systems are more complex and involve cords and wires, on the other hand, wireless signals can be blocked or interfered with.
  • Sensors - motion sensors detect movement in and around the home; be sure your motion sensor can be calibrated so that pets and wildlife won’t trigger it.
  • Security lights - outdoor security lighting is activated when a presence is detected at night and acts as a deterrent to intruders, but don’t go overboard with the wattage or it will annoy your neighbours.
  • CCTV - surveillance cameras can be placed in plain sight or hidden. In plain sight, cameras can deter potential intruders, but there’s a risk they can be disabled by a professional burglar. A hidden camera may be useful to provide footage to the police.
  • Security signs - when home security systems are installed, be sure a warning sign is placed on the front door; the sign alone can act as a deterrent to intruders.
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Security lighting installation

Looking for a home security system in Brisbane north?

Contact Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical's professional, experienced electricians for advice and an obligation free quote on your security systems Brisbane, Redcliffe and Caboolture on 07 3883 2119 or complete our booking request form today.