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Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical have a team of qualified, experienced Brisbane electricians, who are able to offer practical advice for your indoor lighting, and install it professionally. From our premises in Redcliffe, we cover the north Brisbane region including Albany Creek, North Lakes and Chermside.

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All your indoor lighting

Any designer will tell you that there is nothing more important to the look and feel of a room than lighting. It won’t matter how beautiful your decor is, or if you have the highest quality furniture, if the interior lighting isn’t right, the room can look drab. However, we’re not all interior designers, but most of us do like to put our own personal touches to our home lighting and decorating.

LED home lighting

You don’t need to wait for your old bulbs to blow before replacing them with LEDs. LEDs, or light-emitting diodes, are an energy efficient lighting which can help reduce your home energy bills, decrease your energy usage and can last for up to 20 years.

Home lighting can account for more than 30% of the household electricity bill. By replacing the old halogen and incandescent bulbs now, with LED home lighting, you can reduce your ongoing electricity bills and your carbon footprint. Add to that, LED lighting doesn’t radiate heat, so it won’t contribute to increased room temperature during the Summer months.

The endless range of residential lighting

When you take a look around your home, you’ll become aware of the different atmospheres that each room has created. Your residential lighting must be functional and flexible, as well as complement the way you and your family live and work in the home, and achieve the ambience you desire. Achieving this seamless blend of lighting can be a little overwhelming but nothing a little trial and error won’t remedy. Before you start, it’s important to understand that home lighting has three basic functions:

  • To provide general lighting in each room so you can see,
  • As task lighting, to provide specific light for activities, such as reading or cooking. This type of light should be concentrated on the area where it is needed,
  • As accent lighting, to create a mood within a room, such as highlighting a special architectural feature, a painting or a special piece of furniture.

Use home LED lighting in all areas

For each room and living area consider what it is used for to help determine the different types of lighting you will need.

  • Family room lighting - usually combines all three light functions: background lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The addition of dimmers will enhance the atmosphere.
  • Kitchen lighting - good lighting is crucial in the kitchen, where work surfaces need proper illumination. A single, central light source will only create shadows when you stand in the light. Directional downlights, under cabinet strip lights and track lighting are useful, as well as having an overall light.
  • Dining room lighting - you want to be able to see what you are eating in the dining room, but sometimes you may want a soft, intimate mood. A central pendant over the table looks spectacular and dimmers are useful.
  • Deck lighting - adequate, glare-free, lighting should be provided for entertainment and barbecue areas.
  • Bathroom lighting - this is a room where good lighting is essential. General lighting is needed for everyday use and this can be supplemented with extra lights for applying makeup or shaving.
  • Bedroom lighting - this is the most intimate room of the house and the décor can be totally indulgent. Decide on a focal point so that you can position lights to suit the layout and personality of your bedroom.

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