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Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical has a qualified team of experienced electricians who can complete your ceiling fan installation. Based in Moreton Bay, we service the Brisbane north region including Redcliffe, Caboolture and North Lakes with all jobs electrical, including ceiling fans.

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The benefits of ceiling fans

The sale and installation of air conditioners continue to grow, with many homeowners of today overlooking the humble ceiling fan, despite the fact that they can lower the feel of the room temperature by up to eight degrees. While ceiling fans don’t actually cool the room, they create a slight wind chill on our skin.

A ceiling fan uses slightly more energy than a 100 watt light bulb, and the new Energy Star-rated fans use approximately half of that again. They can be used to complement your air conditioner, helping them to run more efficiently, which will significantly reduce your electricity bill and is better for the environment.

Ceiling Fan Installation
Ceiling Fan Install

Guide for ceiling fan installation

As with all electrical work, ceiling fans must be installed by a qualified electrician. The aim of having a ceiling fan installation is to move the air, this is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM), and the goal is to achieve minimal effort or fewer revolutions per minute. Therefore, size is more important than the number of blades, so it’s recommended to install the biggest ceiling fan that will fit the room.

What to look for when selecting a ceiling fan

  • Blade pitch - The wider the blade and the higher their angle or pitch, the more air will get moved.
  • Blade finish - Make sure the blades have been treated; with a moisture sealant to prevent wooden blades from warping and peeling, and metal blades from scratching and tarnishing.
  • Motor quality - Better fans come with motors that have sealed and lubricated ball bearings, these will require minimal maintenance. Higher end models feature heavy-duty windings, precision engineering bearings and die-cast housings, designed to vibrate less.
  • Energy Star-rated fans - To qualify for this rating, the fan must have a minimum airflow of 1250 CFM on low speed and 5000 CFM on high speed. They must come with a minimum 30 year motor warranty, one year warranty on components and 2 year warranty on light kits. Energy Star-rated fans are 50% more energy efficient than conventional ones.
  • Combination fan and lighting - Ceiling fan light kits can be used to dress up your home's ceiling fans.
Ceiling Fans
Ceiling Fans Brisbane North

Use your ceiling fans all year round

Installing ceiling fans can significantly reduce your energy costs, and with proper use, can decrease your electricity bill by up to 30-40%. In the summer, the blades should be rotating in a counter-clockwise direction. In winter, ceiling fans can be used to help circulate the warm air that would otherwise be trapped at ceiling height. The blades should be reversed to turn in a clockwise direction.

This can be done very easily with a switch that is located on the outside of the housing bell, covering the motor. By reversing your fan direction, you will be able to circulate warm air without pushing cold air downward. To maximise the effectiveness of your ceiling fans, you should run several fans throughout the house, at the same time. Fans can be used outdoors to cool entertaining areas or in high humidity areas such as bathrooms or laundries.

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