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Electrical Safety Brisbane North

Professional electrical safety services can save lives

While you may think you can save a few dollars by doing a simple electrical job yourself, Stop and Think: is it worth the risk, to yourself and your family? Unlicensed and DIY electrical work is dangerous, illegal and can be fatal. Furthermore, it could jeopardize your insurance cover.

Electrical Safety Brisbane

Licenced electrical safety services
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Electrical Contractors Brisbane north

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical has a team of licensed, experienced contractors who are able to complete any electrical work you could require around the home or business. Section 18 of the Electrical Safety Act 2002 (the Act) states that electrical work includes ‘the manufacturing, constructing, installing, testing, maintaining, repairing, altering, removing or replacing of electrical equipment’. The Act includes:

  • installing a new power point
  • replacing a light switch
  • replacing a batten holder with a light fitting
  • repairing an appliance such as an air conditioner or heater
  • moving an existing power point
  • replacing a light fitting with a fan
  • reconstructing an extension cord and replacing a plug on the end

All this work must be completed by licensed electrical contractors.

What is an electrical safety switch?

An electrical safety switch monitors the flow of electricity through a circuit and is designed to automatically shut off the electrical supply when a leaking current is detected. This could be from faulty switches, wiring or an electrical appliance. This then stops the chance of the current electrocuting someone.

The law states that all houses built since 1992 must have an electrical safety switch installed. If you buy a house that does not have an electrical safety switch, you must install one within three months of the property transfer.

An electrical safety switch must be installed by licensed, electrical contractors.

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Electrical Safety Testing

Specialised electrical equipment and safety switches must have electrical safety testing performed at regular intervals, depending on their class of work. Only a qualified tradesman can test and tag electrical equipment. To ensure your electrical safety, our electrical contractors, Brisbane can carry out all electrical safety testing around your home and workplace.

Particularly after a natural disaster, such as a cyclone, flood or storm, we recommend having a qualified electrician to safety test your equipment and appliances. It’s also recommended prior to buying a house, to have to have all electrical safety testing carried out, to ensure the safety of your family.

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