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Commercial Electrician Brisbane

Commercial electrical contractors Brisbane

At Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical, our team of commercial electricians, are experienced and have developed a varied set of skills. They are continually being challenged to come up with inventive solutions for a variety of situations that can arise on site. Our commercial electrical services cover Brisbane, north Brisbane, Redcliffe, Caboolture and the Sunshine Coast.

Commercial Electricians Brisbane

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Skills of a commercial electrician

Our team of commercial electricians have been handpicked for their outstanding skills that include:

  • being adaptable and creative enough to come up with a solution, on the spot,
  • being good communicators who are able to liaise with a broad range of customers, for example, builders, building owners and other commercial contractors,
  • being effective communicators who are able to describe the job in detail, without being too technical and
  • who are focused and will not be distracted by other jobs being performed around them.

Tasks of commercial electrical contractors

The range and scope of tasks that a commercial electrician can undertake is too broad to list but includes some of the following:

  • the setup and management of a regular maintenance program for your business to ensure it continues to run smoothly,
  • performing test and tag, which involves a visual inspection and series of tests on all electrical appliances and tools to ensure they’re electrically safe for use; once the testing is complete, appliances are tagged,
  • installation and laying of cables,
  • fuse boxes,
  • electrical panels,
  • connections and switches,
  • all electrical safety checks on job sites and
  • all other electrical services required.

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