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Energy Efficient Lighting

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In the past decade, the energy use for household lighting has rapidly increased in Australia; this is largely due to the construction of bigger homes, requiring more light fittings. However, the fact is, most homes could reduce their energy usage by 50% or more, simply by using energy efficient lighting.

Eco lighting Brisbane

Our experienced team can install all your low voltage lighting.
Unsure how to make the change to energy efficient lighting? We can advise on the best lighting systems for your home or business.

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Low voltage lighting choices

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical has a team of experienced Brisbane electricians who can assist you in choosing the best low voltage lighting for your needs, then ensure they are professionally installed. Based in Redcliffe, we service the Brisbane north region including Caboolture, Chermside and Strathpine.

Energy efficient lighting systems

Australia is phasing out incandescent lighting for more energy efficient lighting options such as:

  • compact fluorescent lamps - CFL
  • light emitting diodes - LED
  • fluorescent lights

The most energy efficient lighting available comes in the form of CFLs and LEDs.

Efficient Lighting

Fluorescent lights are a very efficient lighting option; they may cost more to buy but use 80% less energy and last four to ten times longer than halogen and incandescent lights. They’re ideal in areas that require lighting for long periods of time, such as the kitchen and family room. They also produce less heat, helping to reduce your cooling bill in summer.

Good quality LED lighting provides excellent, eco lighting throughout the home. This technology is developing rapidly and offers a broad range of alternatives to traditional lighting, such as downlights. Currently, LEDs are more expensive to buy than other forms of low voltage lighting but offer more efficient lighting systems. High quality LEDs have a lifespan of 30 000 - 50 000 hours.

Need energy efficient lighting advice?

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical can offer advice on the best energy efficient lighting for your needs and the installation of a huge range of eco lighting options. Contact our team on 07 3883 2119 or complete our booking request today.