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Solar Installers Brisbane

We have accredited solar panel installers Brisbane

Installing a solar panel system on your roof is becoming an increasingly popular way to generate your own electricity at home, using the sun’s energy. Once your system is installed, it will help reduce your electricity bill, reduce your impact on the environment and increase the value of your home, by reducing its operating costs.

Solar Panel Installers Brisbane

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Solar Power Systems

Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical can assist with all your solar power system installations in the Brisbane area. With one phone call, we can talk you through the solar products available and assist in choosing the most efficient and cost effective option for you and your home. We’ll then follow up with a highly competitive quote, including an outline of any rebates you may be eligible for, and complete all the required paperwork.

Solar Installers - Site Inspection

We’ll arrange for one of our accredited solar panel installers, Brisbane area, to visit you to complete a site inspection and help choose the best size system for your requirements. Each type of solar panels have different levels of efficiency under different conditions. Some things to consider that will help in your decision making:

  • Do you want a system that will partially or completely offset your electricity use?
  • Will your roof need reinforcement to support the weight of the panels or are there any special requirements for a high wind area?
  • If you live in a heritage listed house or area, it’s highly recommended to check with your local council on any special requirements.
  • Research the tariffs, rebates and any assistance available to you.
  • Do you want to connect to the mains electricity grid? Talk to your electricity supplier about your options, some suppliers let you feed in your extra electricity and take this amount off your electricity bill.
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How to choose the best solar electricity system

Our accredited, solar installers can help when choosing the best system type and size for your requirements and budget. Alternatively, you can study your electricity bills to work out your average daily electricity use and, therefore, the average amount of electricity your solar system needs to produce.

Electricity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh), 1 kWh = 1 000 watt hours. For example, if you use 1kW for one hour, you’ve used 1kWh of energy.

Our solar panel installers, Brisbane, can help you with the calculations. To access a feed-in tariff, you’ll need a bi-directional meter to measure both incoming and outgoing power, we can assist you with this.

Select the best position for your solar power system in Brisbane

The panels need to be positioned to receive as much direct sunlight as possible. Fixed panels should face north for maximum efficiency and be installed at the most suitable angle for your location. Whilst the systems are noise free, the inverters may hum when power is being produced, therefore, it’s preferable to not place it close to any bedrooms.

Check that nearby trees aren't going to shade the system in years to come, especially in winter when the sun is lower in the sky. Ask our solar installers, Brisbane, about allowing for air space between the roof and the panels; performance declines as the temperature increases. Most panels are installed with a gap to allow for air space for cooling.

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Our professional experienced solar panel installers can carry out all jobs big or small. They'll also give you advice on how to maintain and monitor your system.

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