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Power-One Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Brisbane

Power-One is an international renewable energy company with a focus on providing the best green energy possible. Whilst their corporate office is based in California, USA, they have been trading in the Australian market from very early on. They are also the second largest manufacturer of solar power inverters and have factories in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Solar Power Brisbane

Power-One Solar Power Inverters
Let us put together the best solar power system for you, including a Power-One Inverter.

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Why use Power-One Solar Power Inverters?

Power-One Solar Power Inverters
Power One Solar Inverter

Apart from being the second largest solar power inverter manufacturer in the world, there are other reasons why we recommend Power-One.

  • They are optimised to give the highest possible energy harvesting capabilities
  • Power-One Solar Power Inverters are built to last, whilst still looking stylish
  • They are designed to perform in high temperature environments, which is perfect for a Brisbane summer
  • Power-One Inverters are early to wake and late to sleep so they get the most out of the sun every day.

Ideal for home solar power

The Power One Aurora solar power inverters 3-5kW range is perfect for the majority of home solar power installations and the 5-6kW range is better suited to small commercial or large residential installations.