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Solar Energy Brisbane

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The sun's light contains energy. Usually, when the light touches an object, the energy turns to heat, such as the warmth we feel when standing in the sun. But when light hits certain materials, the energy turns into an electrical current, we can then harness this current for power.

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Solar energy

The sun is like a huge power plant in the sky and can fulfill all the world's power needs. It won't run out, it doesn't give off carbon dioxide emissions and it's free! Solar energy is a clean, renewable power source and if we really want to significantly replace fossil fuel based power with renewable energy, then we need to get the general public to care more.

Solar Power Systems

To create greater awareness, we need to make the message more personal. One way to do that is to let more people know that they can save money on their ever increasing power bills by installing solar panels on their roofs, to make their own electricity by using the sun's energy; it's that simple.

How do you produce your own solar electricity Brisbane?

Solar panels are constructed from a specific, semi-conductive material which contains electrons. When photons, which are contained in the sun's rays, hit the solar panel, the electrons absorb the solar energy transforming them into conduction electrons. When the energy from the photons is great enough, these electrons are able to become free and carry an electric charge through a circuit to its destination.

Important to note - is that the power is then produced at the point of use, therefore, there's no need to transfer the energy over long distances and through expensive infrastructure.

Solar energy Brisbane

For the greater community: you don't need to understand the mechanical workings of solar power systems. You can see the source of the energy for yourself and can even check out your neighbours' solar energy panels and ask them about their savings. By spreading the word, we will increase the growing population who are embracing this cleaner, renewable energy. Public discussions on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions are also helping to highlight the benefits of using solar energy.

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The renewable energy 'generation' will have to increase significantly in order to move us further away from the use of fossil fuels. Educating the public, and by providing alternatives for cleaner energy is just a small step in the right direction.

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