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Phono Solar Panels Brisbane

Just one of our top quality solar panel brands

Phono Solar is the solar panels division of Sinomach; a large diversified manufacturing company in China. Sinomach is Chinese Government owned as well as being a Global Fortune 500 company that operates in energy, ship building, agricultural machinery, engineering services and more.

Solar Panels Brisbane

Phono Solar Panels
Find out how a quality Phono solar panel can help you get the best from your solar power system.

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Why should you care that Phono Solar is part of Sinomach?

The main reason this is important is that it is part of a large, profitable, stable business. The boom in Solar Panels over the last decade has lead to a number of solar panels manufacturers to pop up overnight and then just as quickly disappear, leaving their products warranties and guarantees worthless. With Phono Solar, you can rest easy that they will be around for the life of your solar panels.

Phono Solar Panels Brisbane
Phono Solar Panels Brisbane North

Phono Solar Panels are imported by Power One

Power One is the world's second largest solar power inverters manufacturer and has a long history in Australia supplying premium solar energy products. Through a partnership with Sinomach, Power One is the Australian importer of Phono Solar Panels and as such provides the warranty service on them.

Why Phono Solar Panels?

  • Phono Solar Panels have a 10 year product warranty
  • Phono Solar Panels have a 25 year performance warranty
  • The Phono Solar warranty is transferable if you sell the property
  • Phono Solar Panels are manufactured by a large multinational Chinese company and imported by a leading Solar Power Inverters manufacturing company with a long history in Australia. This gives peace of mind with any future warranty issues.

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