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Clenergy Solar Brisbane

Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Clenergy is an international renewable energy company based in Xiamen, China. Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical use Clenergy solar panel mounting systems, RV-ezRack, to ensure your solar power system withstand all the Australian climate and weather can throw at it.

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Clenergy in Australia

Founded in Australia, Clenergy supplies its products world wide to America, England, Japan, France, Italy and Germany. The company is ISO accredited, complying with international quality management system standards.

Their mission, 'To make renewable energy affordable and accessible', reflects Clenergy's commitment to high quality, innovative products which are simple to use.

Clenergy Solar Brisbane
Clenergy Solar Brisbane North

PV-ezRack mounting system

The range of solar panel mounting systems has a solution for all applications, residential, commercial or utility grade. The flexible, cost effective mounts can be used on rooftops, the ground or unusual building attachments.

The Clenergy range:

  • SolarRoof - Ideal for residential and commercial applications - Tin, tile, flat or pitched roofs.
  • SolarRoof Non Penetrative - Fully compliant clip on clamps - no need to penetrate roof surface.
  • SolarTripod - Designed especially for fast, easy installation on flat roofs.
  • SolarTerrace - Ground mounted system ideal for commercial or utility applications.
  • SolarMatrix and SolarMatrix Pro - Non penetrating system ideal for concrete, flat commercial roofs.

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