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Solar Electricity Brisbane

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Solar energy is the technology used to harness the sun's energy and to make it usable. To date, that technology produces less than one tenth of one per cent of the world's energy demands. Every hour of sunlight produces more than enough energy to satisfy all global needs for an entire year. Solar electricity is produced when the sun's energy is converted into usable electricity by transferring the sunlight photon energy into electricity. This conversion takes place within the cells of specially manufactured, semi-conductor crystals.

Solar Electricity Brisbane

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Home solar power

An increasing number of environmentally conscious consumers are turning to solar power for homes. The amount of electricity you generate will depend on the size of your system, which way it's facing and local climatic conditions.

To help decide on the size of system you'll need to produce your home solar power, study your current electricity bills to work out your average daily electricity use, that will determine the average amount your system will need to produce. The solar electricity that you produce can be used to light and power your home.

In most cases, there will be times when your home solar power will be producing more electricity than you consume, this will give you the opportunity to sell power back to the grid. The solar electricity, Brisbane, that you produce, will be used at your home first and only the excess will be sent back to the grid.

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The main benefits of producing your own solar electricity, Brisbane include:

  • it's free and won't run out,
  • solar power for homes is a green energy source,
  • solar panels can be installed quickly and easily,
  • solar panel costs are falling and are expected to continue dropping,
  • you will immediately start saving money on your power bill,
  • on grid solar panel installations can supply generated electricity to the power network,
  • off-grid solar panels store electricity for your own use, e.g. in country farms and remote areas.

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