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Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning

Professional installation and service of ducted systems

When it comes to adapting to our climate, the ultimate luxury is ducted air conditioning. Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical are your local dealers for Fujitsu air conditioning; we specialise in the supply, installation and servicing of Fujitsu ducted air conditioning. From our premises in Redcliffe, our team of qualified air conditioning technicians cover the Brisbane north region.

Full home climate control

With a Fujitsu ducted air conditioner
Keep your whole house cool this summer with a Fujitsu ducted system. Our team can advise you on the best ducted system for your home or business.

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Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical are your local Fujitsu Air Conditioning specialists.

Why choose a Fujitsu system?

Fujitsu air conditioning is Australia’s leading supplier of ducted air conditioning. Delivering the most economical, convenient and reliable way to air condition your home, all year round. Now, inverter technology makes Fujitsu air conditioning even more economical than ever; these units reach the desired temperature much faster than a conventional system, making them up to 30% cheaper to run.

Advantages of installing ducted

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning features an inside unit, usually installed inside the ceiling cavity of your home. An outdoor unit is conveniently installed and connected to the indoor unit with piping that carries a refrigerant. A compressor in the outdoor unit circulates the refrigerant between the two units, while an evaporator coil, within the inside unit, conditions the warm air from the room. A fan in the inside unit then circulates the conditioned air back into the room.

Outlet vents are discreetly located throughout the ceiling of your home and deliver the conditioned air into every room, keeping the whole house at your desired temperature. A special feature of Fujitsu ducted air conditioners is the range and variety of ceiling vents available, with a style to suit every decor. The return air passes through an air grille, with a washable filter, filtering out dust and airborne dirt particles.

Fujitsu Brisbane
Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Other features of Fujitsu ducted systems

Your ducted system includes a wall mounted remote control, with an easy to read LCD screen. It allows complete control at the touch of a button:

  • set temperature,
  • energy saving mode,
  • other special modes,
  • set timers for your Fujitsu air conditioning to come on before you get home, and
  • room sensors will monitor the temperature and automatically switch the Fujitsu ducted unit on and off to maintain the exact temperature you desire, and to save energy at the same time.

Looking for reliable ducted air conditioning option?

Contact Moreton Bay Air Solar Electrical today on 07 3883 2119 or complete our booking request, for the installation, service, repair and maintenance of Fujitsu ducted air conditioning.