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Air Conditioning Repairs

We can assist with all your air conditioner repairs

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical are available to service all your air conditioning repairs throughout Brisbane Northside. Based in Redcliffe, our technicians cover all suburbs south to Mt Gravatt, west to Moggill and Kenmore, and north to Caboolture. Our qualified technicians are experienced in all forms of air conditioner repairs. We specialise in all makes and models of Fujitsu air conditioners and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.

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Our experienced air conditioning technicians repair split system and ducted air conditioners. No fuss, no dramas.

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Air conditioner repair

Central air conditioning units are made up of two separate components: the compressor unit located outside the house and the condenser installed inside. Most reverse cycle air conditioners are connected to the home's forced air distribution system and, therefore, the same motor, blower, and duct-work are used for both heating and cooling. The units should be professionally inspected and adjusted before the beginning of each heating or cooling season. Reverse cycle air conditioners are available in several different styles, including:

  • Split system
  • Multi-split system
  • Ducted system

All repairs and maintenance, other than routine cleaning, should only be carried out by a qualified air con technician.

Fujitsu Repairs Brisbane
Fujitsu air conditioning repairs

Common air conditioner problems

Condenser doesn't run

  • No power
  • Thermostat set too high
  • Faulty motor
  • Faulty compressor

Uneven heating or cooling

  • Distribution system is out of balance

Inadequate heating or cooling

  • Thermostat is set too high or too low
  • Evaporator needs cleaning
  • Unit is too small for the space it's trying to heat or cool

Condenser unit repeatedly turns off and on

  • Condenser needs cleaning
  • Condenser unit is blocked
  • Evaporator needs cleaning

Unit doesn't cool

  • Thermostat set too high
  • Condenser needs cleaning
  • Condenser unit is blocked
  • Evaporator needs cleaning
  • Compressor is faulty
  • Not enough refrigerant
Air Conditioner Repairs Brisbane
Condenser repairs

Prevent air conditioner problems with regular cleaning

You are easily able to prevent problems arising by carrying out your own regular cleaning. You must leave the main air conditioner repairs and services to the professionals, however, we can show you how to change the filters in your system. This is some simple maintenance that you should do monthly. Dirty filters can not only damage your system and be the cause of a costly air conditioner repair but also needlessly increase energy use.

Looking for reliable air conditioner repairs in Brisbane?

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical can help with all air conditioner repairs, we specialise in all makes and models of Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners. Call today on 07 3883 2119 or complete our Book a Service form .