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Fujitsu General is the number one supplier of quality air conditioners in Australia, hence the company slogan, “Australia’s Favourite Air”.

The company originated in the early seventies, then known as General Colour, the focus was on colour televisions, over time, the company evolved and expanded into a number of different electronic products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and televisions, to name a few. In 1989, a new association was formed and the company became known as Fujitsu General Limited with a focus on research and manufacturing of the latest Fujitsu air conditioning.

In recent years, they have rapidly expanded their Fujitsu air conditioner range and have a selection of products to suit all domestic and commercial situations.

Fujitsu Brisbane

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Fujitsu air conditioners

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical service the north Brisbane region with the supply, installation, repairs, and servicing of Fujitsu air conditioning. When looking for a Fujitsu air conditioner, you may choose from:

Fujitsu Air Conditioning Brisbane
Fujitsu Air Conditioning

Fujitsu split system air conditioning

The latest generation of Fujitsu air conditioners features the slimline, wall mounted split system, offering comfort, efficiency, and performance. With a wide range to choose from, we’re sure we can help you find a solution to suit your needs.

The Fujitsu Smart Inverter Split System air conditioners are more economical and quieter to run than the conventional units. The Fujitsu air conditioner technology can handle greater extremes of outside temperatures, reach the required inside temperature faster and maintain a more consistent comfort level than conventional models. This technology allows the outside unit to vary its speed and output, equivalent to the required capacity of the inside unit; this means it can achieve up to 30% more operating efficiency and, is therefore, much cheaper to operate than a conventional unit.

Benefits of Fujitsu split system:

  • quiet,
  • economical,
  • easy to install,
  • extremely cost effective to operate and
  • simple to adjust to your desired room temperature.

Fujitsu ducted air conditioning

The Fujitsu air conditioners ducted system is the ultimate in year-round comfort; offering the most convenient and economical solution to air conditioning your home.

The indoor unit is installed in the ceiling cavity of the house and is connected to the outdoor unit by interconnecting pipework which carries the refrigerant. The conditioned air is then delivered through discreet ceiling vents to give you the desired room temperature.

A wall mounted LCD control panel, combined with a remote control gives you state of the art control.

Benefits of Fujitsu ducted systems:

  • set your desired room temperature,
  • set a timer to switch the unit on and off, even when you’re not home,
  • allows for energy saving and other modes,
  • a sensor constantly monitors the room temperature and switches the unit off or on to maintain a consistent temperature,
  • energy efficient,
  • highly affordable
  • and easy to maintain.

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Moreton Bay Solar Air Electric also supply, install and service the full range of Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners.