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Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Commercial air conditioning maintenance Brisbane

Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical are your local commercial air conditioner service specialists. Our professional technicians can service and maintain all Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric commercial air conditioner models. We can schedule regular service visits to carry out preventative maintenance to ensure your air conditioning system works well all year round. Our team will work around your business hours to avoid lost productivity due to service downtime.

Commercial Air Conditioner Maintenance

Professional maintenance programs
Our experienced, professional team specialise in Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu commercial air conditioners. Your local commercial air con specialists.

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Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical for all your Air Conditioning Brisbane needs.

Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric specialists

Our team carry many commonly used Fujitsu and Mitsubishi Electric air conditioner parts enabling fast repairs where needed. All our air conditioner technicians have regular training to ensure we are up to date with the latest in air conditioner technology.

Routine air con maintenance

6 monthly routine maintenance is recommended for commercial air conditioners to prevent breakdowns and maximise efficiency. As part of our maintenance schedule we would thoroughly review the following:

  • Inspect cabinets, condensate trays and coils for corrosion,
  • Inspect the condensate tray, drains and clean as required,
  • Check and lubricate bearings, as required,
  • Check the condition of the fan and fan blades,
  • Check for irregular noises and vibrations,
  • Check the condition of all flexible hosing and connections,
  • Inspect insulation for damage,
  • Remove and clean return air filter,
  • Inspect the compressor, pipe work and coils for refrigerant or oil leaks,
  • Check refrigerant filters, valves and expansion devices,
  • Check v-belt condition, tension and alignment,
  • Check refrigerant levels,
  • Inspect wiring for loose or noisy connections and signs of burning,
  • Check and record motor current,
  • Check operation of all controls.

Moreton Bay Solar, Air and Electrical Brisbane

Our team are on call for all emergency air conditioner maintenance and repairs - Call 0412 218 814.

Contact Moreton bay Solar, Air and Electrical today to schedule your air conditioning service on 07 3883 2119 or complete our Service Request form.