How to be sure you're getting a quality solar system

In the past, the solar power industry has been marred by the disreputable dealings of a few shonky companies. It is unfortunate that this great industry has had to struggle through public misconceptions of unsafe practices and the use of cheap, substandard solar components. It has led to many potential customers avoiding installing energy saving and environmentally friendly power generation in their homes, which is a real shame.

Quality Solar

The solar sector took a while to recover but is now growing in leaps and bounds. In the latest review (2014) Australia ranked number 8th in the world for solar generation capacity.

  • 1. Germany - 38,250 megawatts
  • 2. China - 28,330 megawatts
  • 3. Japan - 23,409 megawatts
  • 4. Italy - 18, 622 megawatts
  • 5. United States - 18,317 megawatts
  • 6. France, 5,678 megawatts
  • 7. Spain - 5,376 megawatts
  • 8. Australia 4,130 megawatts
  • 9. Belgium 3,156 megawatts
  • 10. South Korea - 2,398 megawatts

Considering we're only the 54th largest country in the world (by population), that is a staggering statistic.

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer
Clean Energy Council Accredited Installer

One of the ways the solar industry has ensured the recovery of solar power in Australia is the creation of the Clean Energy Council's solar accreditation program.

Accredited solar installers are required to carry out regular training on best industry practices, meet the Clean Energy Council's guidelines and comply with the relevant Australian Standards.

When you use a Clean Energy Council accredited solar installer you can be assured the solar PV system the company installs and the work they carry out meets the extremely high industry standards for safety and performance, is comprised of quality parts and is eligible for Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs), feed-in tariffs and any relevant government rebates.

Solar power in Brisbane

Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical are passionate about improving and increasing solar power generation in Brisbane. Our team is committed to providing quality solar PV systems, expert design and high standards of solar electrical service.

Trust Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical, Clean Energy Council accredited installer, with your solar power system.

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