What's lurking in your air conditioner?

The smart homeowners are already planning for the warm weather. And by that we don't mean packing away the jumpers and wooly socks, we're talking about booking in an air conditioner service and giving it a really good clean.

What's lurking in your air conditioner?

If you haven't used the air conditioner since March there could be all manner of bacteria, mould and other nasties living happily on the filters, fans, and coils. When the weather heats up and you switch the air conditioner on for the first time the fan could blow a cocktail of mould spores, bacteria, viruses, and germs throughout your home. Cough, cough, splutter...

A dirty air conditioner can be a trigger for many allergies including asthma and hay fever, and has been associated with ongoing fatigue, itchy eyes, respiratory issues, headaches, and frequent colds.

Using a clogged up air con will also reduce it's efficient operation and the unit can experience issues such as:

  • reduced cooling capacity - the air conditioner can struggle to reach the desired temperature
  • restricted air flow - the fan can't distribute fresh air easily due to blocked filters

In these situations the system has to work harder to cool your home, consuming more power in the process, therefore costing more to run.

Fresh air for summer

Removing and cleaning the filter is the first step to getting the air conditioner ready for its summer workout. We've covered some handy air conditioner cleaning tips in our Get your air conditioner ready for summer post. Make sure you check it out.

Our air conditioner technicians recommend a thorough service at the beginning of the warm weather to check the unit over and carry out any repairs before the air con is required to keep your home comfortably cool every day.

An extra measure for older air conditioners, units which get frequent use or systems located in dusty and windy areas is a professional air conditioner clean. Just like getting your carpet professionally cleaned vs a quick vacuum, a complete air con clean will remove all the dirt, dust, and germs from deep inside the system removing musty odours and mould buildup.

Simply add the air conditioner service and clean to the spring cleaning list along with the dusting and breathe fresh air all summer long.

Get in quick before the summer rush to book your air conditioner service.