Important home electrical safety campaign from WorkSafe QLD

Keeping residents, home DIY enthusiasts and tradespeople safe from electrical accidents is important to every electrician. Safety is an integral part of our job here at Moreton Bay Solar Air Electrical. Every time we're called out on a job making sure the area is safe is the first thing we do when we arrive and the final thing we check before packing up.

Stay safe in the ceiling

Worksafe Queensland's 'Stay safer up there, switch off down here' campaign is highlighting the potential dangers of working within the ceiling space of your home without turning off all power to the house first.

Stay Safe Up There
Stay safer up there, switch off down here - WorkSafe QLD

Tips for switching off and reducing the risk

  • turn ALL switches and circuit breakers off at the switchboard before you enter the ceiling space. This includes the oven, air conditioner, and hot water system.
  • tape off or tag the switches so no one turns them back on while you're working
  • tell someone at home that you will be working up there
  • avoid all electrical cables even when the power is off as some circuits may still be live
  • if needed use battery powered tools and torches
  • check insulation is not covering any electrical fittings or wiring, especially downlights

Stay safe with solar

Be especially careful when working around the solar power system and it's wiring while in the ceiling as the DC supply cables may still be live even though you have done the right thing and turned off the power at the switchboard.

Test the safety switch

When you've finished work and turned the power and switches back on it's a good idea to test the safety switch to ensure it is still in working order and ready to protect you and your family from electric shock when needed. Find out how to test your safety switch here.

Please note - Don't attempt to repair any damaged wiring or electrical infrastructure in your home, it's illegal, poses a significant risk to you and others in your home, and could void your home insurance. All electrical work must be carried out by a licenced electrician.